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A Balance of Worlds
Engima 4: Out of this World
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19th-May-2008 08:35 am - Music Speaks (Trivia Now Posted)
DW:  journey's end
Okay guys, I'm about 36 minutes late posting this, so apologies all around. Below are the 25 trivia questions and quick over view of the rules. This post is screening, so no one will be able to see your answers except for the mods here. I want to thank everyone who's participating and wish you a hearty good luck!


1. You may use any search engine, any dvds or tapes, or even ask a friend for help. However, you MAY NOT ask for any help on any of the Roswell forums, and yes we'll know.

2. You must post your answers here by 11:30pm EST and no later.

3. In order to win, you must have all the correct answers or be the person with the most correct answers. It's come first in order to win.

4. If you need clarification on something just ask and we'll answer best to our knowledge.

5. Finally, just have fun with it and please remember that its just a game.

Winners will be announce tomorrow morning, so be on the lookout.

Music Speaks Trivia:

1. What did Liz write in mustard while talking to Sean?

2. What does Max have over his bedroom door?

3. Name the book that Michael quotes to Maria as well as the page.

4. What is Sheriff Valenti's ex-wife's name?

5. What was Max's costume for the convention?

6. Where was Hubble staying?

7. What instrument does Alex play?

8. What's the name of the soda that Isabel gives Tess?

9. What kind of dog did Maria had when she was younger?

10. Where is the White Room located?

11. Where do the podsters get their power from?

12. What was Deputy Fisher first name?

13. Where does Nacedo (as Max) dump the dead FBI agent body?

14. What does Michael call Liz and Maria?

15. Where does James Valenti senior live at?

16. Where's Max and Liz first date?

17. How many children does Max heal?

18. Name the bar the Kit Shickers play for.

19. What's the Evans street address?

20. Name the agent who sat in Valenti's office.

21. Name the leaders of the other planets.

22. Name the UFO Nuts.

23. What music notes are on the chalk board behind Liz in the band room?

24. How much money does Liz give Maria to go on the camping trip?

25. What are the doors made of in the White Room?
18th-May-2008 07:24 pm - Friendly Reminder
DW:  journey's end
Just wanted to drop off a reminder that tonight at 11pm EST is your last chance to sign up for the Music Speaks challenge. The actual trivia will be posted at 8am EST tomorrow. Good luck everyone! :)
10th-May-2023 11:23 pm - Enigma 4: Welcome
DW:  journey's end

Glamour. Glitz. Seduction. Secrets on every available lips in the room. Whispers of fame and fortune and something more. The femme fatale, the reluctant hero, the cheesy villain, the naïve best friend, and other characters made up those films of yesterday.

Put down your ipod and for a change step into our version of a Hollywood intrigue that’s out of this world. Its 1947 and the small world that you once knew is changing. One night in the desert with nothing more than the idle gossip to stir any kind of interest, you find that a huge story has landed in your lap.

Curious? Intrigued? Then pick up your pen and your notepad and prepare for an oh so not normal mystery. Be prepared to know everything there is about the Summer of 47 and the decade.

Enigma 4 challenges you to prove just how much you know about Roswell. You think you’ve seen every episode and know every line, then think again. Come join us on May 19th to show us just how much you know about the Summer of 47. We dare you!

Sign ups begin April 1st and as this is a team game you must be in a group of three to play. If you can’t find two other people, then we’ll be happy to match you up with other teammates. Good luck!
10th-May-2008 10:56 pm - Music Speaks (pre Enigma contest):
DW:  journey's end

Music Speaks:

Music. It inspires people to write. It inspires imagination. It was the uncredited character on Roswell all three seasons. To think of Roswell without thinking of the music is unheard of. Whether it was watch two characters fall in love, or discovering Destiny, the music was always there playing out a story as well.

The show might not be on, but its still aspiring the imagination of those out there who remember it as well as the music that had such a big impact on the inspiration of those who write.

So why not kick back and get all nostalgic with me by playing a little trivia game, and you just might find yourself with a free cd that has all those songs from long ago as well as winning a soundtrack of sorts from an author who was most definitely inspired by music and Roswell.

Just answer correctly 25 trivia questions and you'll win two cds. Is there a catch? Not really. You just got to sign up here and be sure to get your answers in first. Second place wins a choice of either cd.

Comment here to be added to the list of participants.

~ Sign ups have begun now and will end on May 18th at 11pm EST.

~ The trivia will be posted here on May 19th at 8am EST.

~ The game will also be played at Roswell Heaven.

~ There will be two first place winners. One being at RH and one here at LJ.

Good luck!

ETA: Sign up Deadline has been extended until Sunday, May 18 at 11pm EST!


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